Alexanderson Canad

Alexanderson Canada is a commercial and residential cleaning service based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, ready to serve your company or your home. We have a highly trained professional team, we listen to your needs, and we work based on your priorities.
358 Hawkstone DR Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-999-3278
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  • $120 for a regular sized house/ 4 hours. Get it now

    Get you house cleaned and ready. Alexanderson Canada brings its own materials, we have a special checklist for each of your needs.

  • Calgary Cleaning Services. Residential and Comercial

    Alexanderson Canada has both comercial and residential cleaning service, to learn more please viset our services page.

200% guaranteed

What's a 200% guarantee? It means we'll come back and clean for free if you don't like it. Our cleaners are experts turning messes into clean and attractive spaces.

Natural cleaning

We only use the best supplies to keep your family and pets safe. Absolutely no chemicals that leave foul smells or toxic residues. Our cleaners have quite a few tricks for cleaning with natural products.

Expert teams of two cleaners

It's hard to find a good maid. That's why our cleaners must pass rigorous cleaning exams. We'll send you a great team of two to get your place twice as shiny!

What we offer

Alexanderson Canada offers a variety of services so you can relax and enjoy your home.