Who We Are?

Alexanderson Canada is not just a cleaning company but a family involved with the community, all of our clients and employees are satisfied with the quality of service that we bring to them.

In the beginning Alexanderson Canada managed only the food aspect in the Institutional area, but because of the needs of the community, we have extended our services to the residential area and started to satisfy their overall necessities. For instance, Alexanderson Canada provides fetching of the groceries needed per household, and cooking special meals according to their needs. Throughout discovering the benefit of providing these services, Alexanderson Canada Inc. started to develop a “basic needs” program, which included housekeeping service, landscaping, and basic cleaning of the household.

What we believe

Our Clients

We believe that the most important part of our job is to make and maintain our clients pleased. That's why with Alexanderson Canada every customer have a 200% guarantee.


We believe in continuous improvement, that's why Alexanderson Canada has the best management.


We believe that an important part of Alexanderson Canada is belonging; when someone joins Alexanderson Canada, he or she becomes a member of our community.


  • Thanks Alexanderson, you have a great team.

  • Alexanderson Canada always work according to my needs and suggestions.

  • I have recommended Alexanderson Canada several times.

  • In two hours my house looks new.